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Bow Valley Roller Derby is eager to welcome new players this spring to our team! If you are interested in trying roller derby for the first time, contact us through our Facebook page or the form below. We practice every Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Elizabeth Rummel School. We can arrange gear for you as well!!! 

What is Fresh Meat?

Bow Valley Roller Derby runs a yearly Fresh Meat training program in the fall to teach interested women in the Bow Valley how to skate and play roller derby. All trainees will learn the minimum required skating skills, the rules and the basics of roller derby game play. At the conclusion of Fresh Meat, there is a physical on-skates test and a written rules test. If you have missed our recruitment period, don't fret! We would be happy to have you join us to try roller derby and can help arrange gear as well. 

Do I need to know how to skate before starting Fresh Meat?

No, you do not require any skating skills to come out and join us. All we ask is that you make a commitment to the league by paying your fees, and participating in practices and team time. As long as you're willing to learn how to skate on quad roller skates, push yourself, and be part of our derby family, then we welcome you to the team!

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